An Update, Review and GIVEAWAY!


Wow!  The last few months have been quite hectic, with a hurry up and wait vibe.  First, in anticipation of moving rather suddenly, I started paring down my possessions and packing things up.  Then came the reality that moving was going to more than likely take longer, as the house isn’t going to sell quickly, so I started unpacking things.  In the midst of this, I must have jarred something in my laptop, so it’s been into the shop for repair.  I’m just glad to be here and share something way overdue with you all, and the excitement of a giveaway!

If you remember some time back, I mentioned that I was doing some commission work. The work is done, the book has been published, and I’m excited to share that one of my colourings was used as the back cover!IMG_5008

The book, The Masters of Fashion Illustration by Wendy Piersall, is full of absolutely stunning renderings of Art Nouveau fashions…and I have a signed copy to share with one lucky winner!

The book itself, has been created with colourists of all skill levels in mind, with a perfectly balanced mix of simply detailed to more complex detailed images. It also features single-sided pages, great for those who choose to also include types of markers in their techniques. I love that she has also included testing sheets with boxes where you can note that perfect shade that you blended and worked your colours to achieve, or colour combinations.   Lastly, she names the original artist of each illustration, which is great if you want to research the original work for inspiration.

Here are some samples of the illustrations in this book that I have enjoyed colouring.

If you would like to try your hand at some of these images, please go see Wendy’s blog, she offers some sample pages.

Now for the part you all have been waiting for…the giveaway.  To enter, leave a comment and tell me who your favourite Art Nouveau artist is, and let me also know what type of tutorials you’d like to see.  The contest will be close at midnight on August 31, 2016, it is open internationally, and the winner will be picked using   One entry per person please.

Keep crafting, creating and colouring!  I’ll see you in my next post.




27 thoughts on “An Update, Review and GIVEAWAY!

  1. Beautiful images. My favorite Art Nouveau artist is, Ming-Su Sun. I love her images.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this beautifully illustrated book.


  2. I love Ming-Su Sun’s images, they are gorgeous. I feel your “pain” for packing. I am in the middle of packing up and moving from the mountains of Maryland, clear across the country to Utah, we are leaving on the 1st of September. Thanks for the chance to win what appears to be a beautiful book. Teresa Ankeney-Mackenzie aka TeresasCraftingChaos on Ustream and YouTube. 🙂


  3. Beautiful images here. My favorite art nouveau designer is Rene Lalique. I melt looking at those works. Water color tutorials would be on my list of watchables. Good luck on the move!


  4. I am trying to learn about water colors so a tutorial on that would be awesome!!! I am new to art nouveau so I don’t know enough to have a favorite artist yet. I’m sure I will soon though.


  5. It would have to be Alphonse Mucha. .. over 50 years ago as a child I would sit and study the several prints my elderly aunt Kas had hanging in her living room. I realized much later that style would be inspiration for my own creativity !
    As for tutorials .. I really need helpful tips using watercolor colored pencils, that’s one medium I just can’t seem to get the hang of.


  6. My favorite Art Nouveau designer would be Rene Lalique. My grandfather was a Artist and painted with water color and of course I would love to too. But I just don’t quite get it. Have been watching Utube to get some help but that’s what I would need a tutorial on. Thank you for the chance to win one Awesome book.


  7. Congratulations on having your Colouring picked for the back cover, it’s beautiful! I would have to say Mucha is my inspired art nouveau artist right now. I also would love tutorials on watercolor pencils or Derwent inktense pencils. Thanks for the opportunity to win this coloring book.


  8. Favorite artist is Mucha and would like a tutorial on color combinations and shading. Thanks so much for the chance to win a book.


  9. Art nevoueau was during my mom’s Era so it gives me good memories. I also love the style and would love to go back to it.


  10. My Favorite artist is my granddaughter, Natasha. She is 16 and talking about enlisting in the US Navy upon graduation. Since she was a little girl, she has loved designing women like you have shown above. She is an expert on eyes. We sit in church on Sunday mornings and all she does is draw eyes on the bulletin. I am amazed at her talents. She certainly did not get it from me. She would love your book and it appears to be made for her. Thank you for the opportunity to help me make my granddaughter realize her dreams.


  11. I like many of the pictures of Carl Larsson. I like pastel colours and fine lines.. I would like a tutorial on blending my colours. I am new to the colouring in and love all of your works. I would dearly like to win one of these .



  12. Love colouring books and these designs are awesome. I got into this as when I grew up I used to enter loads of colouring competitions and did win on some of them. Can’t stop buying the books – do enjoy “Joanna Basford “The Secret Garden” – I also now have got my mum into it and she is 76 years we look like we could open a stationary shop between us from the amount of pens and pencils we have qcquired.


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