Morning Coffee and a Small Update.


Good Monday morning everyone.  I’ve got my coffee, and am settling into my art space for a day of creating.  In my previous post I discussed experimenting with water-soluble media, which is still ongoing, however the in-depth product information reviews will be a bit delayed.  My apologies.

I am working on some commission pieces with artist, Wendy Piersall, and oh, how this project delights me!  Please go and check out all the beautiful art she brings to the world, I’m sure you’ll enjoy her work as much as I do. That’s about all I can divulge at the moment, keeping it a bit hush-hush as it should be.  All will be revealed soon.

Also, the camera for recording/live streaming tutorial events has been sorted out.  I am still a bit back and forth as to which would better help your creative and colouring adventures.  Either possibility ends with the same result of being a recorded tutorial, but I’m liking the idea of a live-stream, where you can ask questions in real-time about the technique or process being shown. Please submit your ideas and questions about what you’d like to see demonstrated.

Finally, tying in with the completion of my commissioned work, there will be a giveaway in the near future. (Hooray) I’m excited!

Stay tuned, and keep creating, crafting and colouring.


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