Welcome Back and a Review!


Dear Readers,  first, let me wish you all a happy spring!  I am delighted to be back on my blog after a lengthy hiatus.  Life.  It sometimes takes over everything.

Don’t worry though,while away, I’ve had many thoughts about creativity,  creative processes, techniques, and living a creative life. Of course, I’ve also kept busy with my  colouring and colouring books, for me it’s a way to stay creative while having a great amount of portability.Happily I get to interact with many of my readers on several of the Facebook colouring groups.  Many of you have asked me to continue with my reviews, and many more have requested tips, and tutorials (especially on skin tones), and even more have inquired about YouTube videos.  Take heart, I have listened  and plan to continue, and to incorporate tutorials and videos into the blogging experience as well.

Yes, I know there are already a lot of videos on YouTube, and I have been watching quite a few of them  as research.  In general, I’ve noticed there are many videos where people are so excited about getting some new art media, but have no real knowledge of how to use it or what it really does…they’ve never used it before. Getting shiny new stuff is always exciting, but I keep thinking these type of videos should really be re-classified from informative tutorials to either, “unboxing” or “haul” videos.

As a viewer, I appreciate their enthusiasm, however, I do not find it helpful to their presentation, if the only thing they know is that they have purchased a high-end artist grade medium and have never even used it before. Before anyone sends hate mail, this is merely constructive criticism.

I am by no means a professional, but as someone who has taken extensive art courses in college,  I have  a somewhat better than basic understanding of the  hows and whys of a lot of different media, and it is in that spirit, that I want to present things in my videos. I’m also considering doing live-streaming, real time events where it’s then possible for even greater interaction with the viewers. Please feel free to let me know if you have a preference for one type over another.


Okay, now onto a short colouring book review.

A short time back I ordered this beautiful German edition of Good Wives and  Warriors, new book, “Exotischer Urwald”. Now nearly 6 weeks later (blame the poor delivery on Canada Post) it has arrived.  If you are not familiar with Good Wives and Warriors, they are a collective of artists, based in the UK.  You can check them out on their website or on their Facebook page.

Ladies and gentlemen, this book does not disappoint. The rain forest theme features flora and fauna from around the world in beautiful illustrations, many with detailed designs printed on very high quality paper. The pages are double-sided, which I do not feel is a detraction from any book, I colour using ALL types of media and adjust accordingly.  However,  there is a lovely surprise in the back of this book, some full sized, half sized, and even some postcards all printed single-sided on cardstock which has been perforated for easy removal from the book!  Here are a few randomly selected images.

Keep crafting, creating and colouring! I’ll see you all in my next post


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